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I N S T AR14/SM14 A Four Post Surface Mounted Lift L A T I

for each yoke end and column. G. Install yoke end sheaves and plastic spacers, Fig. 8. A plastic spacer is placed on each side of the sheave, inset Fig. 8. Note: Failure to install plastic spacer will result in premature failure and void warranty. IMPORTANT Be sure cable is located in the sheave groove. D. Place FRL Bracket on top of power unit ...

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End Cap Assy: Single Reel 13. Split Reel: 16. Manifold Components : Single Reel 12. Split Reel: 15. Mount Arms : Single Reel: 14. Split Reel: 18. Secondary Drive Assembly: 8 -9 *Manifold Cable Kit: 14 *Electric Controls: 19 * Spoiler and Brush Kits: 20 -21. Center Pivot Components : 17. www.awsairbar.com 1-877-348-0066 2

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SKU: LT10231026 Spacer Washer - Lower Sheave 4 Spacer Washer - Lower Sheave(s) are used in the 800 Series - Upper and Lower Block Parts (3 & 5 Ton - Typical) (Figure 9-13)

Deadman Pulley Blocks; Fixed or Swivel Eye, Swivel Hook

2″ Deadman Fixed Eye Pulley Block 1 Sheave 3/16” Rope. $ 29.45. Block Material Galvanized Clear Zinc. Cable/Rope Max Dia. 3/16". Working Load Limit 600 LBS. Sheave Diameter 2". View Product Details. 02078-2-DM. 2” Swivel Hook Deadman Pulley Block 2 Sheaves 3/16” Rope.

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Order Cat® Pully and Drive Accessories online: Crankshaft, fan drive, idler, V-belt and water pump pulleys, belt tensioners and vibration dampers.

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Dec 16, 2007 · The primary sheave is the moving sheave and the secondary is the fixed sheave. When someone says the belt rides too high on the secondary sheave that doesn't mean top speed, that's bottom speed. The belt will only rub for a second too and then when the primary closes the belt will move off.

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13 583109 9 blade spacer 14 823004 3 18" hi lift blade 15 583113 3 bearing spacer tube ... 44 363216 1 taper lock sheave 45 100291 1 3/8"-16 x 3/4" hex bolt 46 105005 4 5/16" lock washer ... 96 483017 2 right hand idler spacer 97 823157 2 caster rod end 98 105260 2 5/8" heavy washer 99 823210 2 1/2" x 2" clevis pin

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AR123/SM123 A

G. Retain with sheave pin and 5/16" hex head machine bolt. Attach each cable to column top plate with spacer, nut, and jam nut, Fig. 8. Install rubber sheave guard on each yoke end, Fig. 8. Roping diagram shows a view of completed roping, Fig. 9. IMPORTANT Be sure cable is located in the sheave groove. D. Start yoke end into the column ...


A - fixed sheave which fits on tapered end of crankshaft. B - movable sheave- slides on shaft of (A) C - inside view of Bell Housing. 1- bolt and washer- hold tab washer. 2- tab washer- keeps engine nut from unscrewing. 3- engine nut - holds clutch on tapered crankshaft end. 4 - bearing - allow belt to stop turning. 5 - spring - creates ...

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Kato Sheave Assy 071-41634000. Kato Slide Plate. Kato Slide Plate 092-48410000. Kato Slip Ring. Kato Slip Ring 709-12211000. Kato Snop Pin. Kato Snop Pin 001-20420000. Kato Spacer. Kato Spacer 203-48746000. Kato Spacer. Kato Spacer 462-11704010 ... 001-51204000. Kato Sun Gear. Kato Sun Gear 553-51549000. Kato Tie Rod End. Kato Tie Rod End 503 ...


10. Front Sheave Install: Install yoke end sheaves and plastic bearings. A plastic bearing is placed between each side of the sheave and the sheave spacers, Fig. 13, also refer to inset in Fig. 9. Retain with sheave pin and 5/16" button head machine screw. Be sure cable is located in the sheave groove. 11.

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100-5-C 4600 CONN. LINK. 20471R 3900 ROLLER,REAR HSE. REB/EXC. 93251* USED 4600 CYL., RT. REAR DRUM. In addition, as of March 28, 2013, we have added the following Manitowoc Crane Parts to our inventory: If you have questions about a part, please feel free to contact us.

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Quick-reeving configuration with drop-away sheave guards allows easy passage of rope with end fitting in place. Dead end centered above the sheaves on 1-4 sheave blocks, 5 and up dead end to side plate. Hooks are forged alloy steel, single or duplex, in accordance with DIN15401 or DIN15402. Single hook blocks include heavy-duty locking latches.

STEEL SPACERS for Pulley Systems

Steel Spacer for Pulley Blocks. .68. Block Material Galvanized Clear Zinc. Cable/Rope Max Dia. N/A. Working Load Limit N/A. Sheave Diameter 1/2".

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Coupling Alignment Fundamentals

Coupling Alignment Fundamentals Rexnord, 5555 S. Moorland Rd., New Berlin, WI 53151-7953 538-214 Telephone: 262-796-4060 Fax: 262-796-4064 February 2014 August 2013

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Sep 08, 2014 · The sheave was worn into and so was that spacer between the bearing and spider. I cleaned up the sheave the best I could, replaced the spacer,bearing and the teflon washers. After i put is back together I thought that there was still too much side play in the bearing so I tried to put in an extra teflon per side but it was too tight. 1 extra ...

ATI Performance Products 915993 Spacer - Idler Pulley.350

Buy ATI Performance Products 915993 Spacer - Idler Pulley.350 Thick, 1 Pack: Idler Pulleys - Amazon.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.


SKU SEG-400-3141 Categories Lift Parts, New Product, PKS Tags 4 post pulleys and sheaves, 4 post sheave pin, New Product, Pulleys These 10 Commonly Replaced Parts on a Tire Changer Can Save You Money.

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to end attachments The following should be looked for in a pre-use inspection: 1) Broken wires. 2) Severe localized abrasion or scraping. 3) Kinking, crushing, birdcaging, or any other damage resulting in distortion of the rope structure. 4) Evidence of heat damage. 5) End attachments that are cracked, deformed, or worn to the extent that the

IMPORTANT! See Inspection and Maintenance at end of

Pass end of line through becket tube and tie an overhand knot. 4. Reeve the line through block at end of track and back to car. Pass around sheave and into cleat. Stop knots Always tie a stop knot. Tie knot where knot will catch in sheave and stop car before it hits endstop or jams into track channel. Note: the 2746 1250 series car will jam

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Draftguard Anti-Rotation Device Installation and

4. Round up to whole number to get number of spacers 5. Multiply number of spacers by thickness of one spacer X 1/2 inch 6. Add thickness of flange plate + 1 inch 7. Add the bushing thread depth from Table 1 + Length of socket head cap screws required Bushing Size Thread Depth (inch) Qty Torque (lb-in) Spacer Product No 3020 5/8-11 1 1/4 2 800 ...

Service Manual HDSO-14

5 5755101 hdso-14 open end sheave spacer 1 b 6 5755102 hdso-14 off side bottom sheave spacer 1 a 7 5755103 hdso-14 off side top sheave spacer 1 a 8 5716012 hdso-14 series uhmw sheave spacer 1 b 9 5545341 washer m10 x Ø20 flat 2 --sheet 1 of 1 dwg. no. rev a size title: name date checked drawn h

PDF Instructions for Ring and Pinion Set Installation

on its mounting surface. If a ring gear spacer is to be used, also check it for surface imperfections. Nicks or burrs can be removed by using block-backed grit paper or a small file. Following material removal, rewash in solvent and air dry. Mount ring gear. Loc-tite® ring gear bolts and torque to factory specifica-tions. 9.

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